All the details your want right at your finger tips

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customer journey

Before Aureum: Customer & Product data feels scattered, things get lost, it's tough to see where things stand, and people are stressed.

After Aureum: All customer & product data is centralized in one place, everyone can see what happened with customers, KPI progress is clear, and a sense of calm sets in.

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All the details your want right at your finger tips
Accelerate growth without the growing pains

Accelerate growth
without the growing pains

When you empower your folks with the customer information they need when they need it, everyone creates a remarkable customer experience. Suddenly, the entire company becomes aligned to optimizing customer acquisition, retention and expansion.

All the details you want
right at your finger tips

No more spreadsheets. No more heroic efforts to find customer info. No more reliance on tribal knowledge and anecdotes. Every department can use Aureum to find their piece of the customer journey without isolating their contribution.

All the details your want right at your finger tips

One place, not all over the place.

Search and find all your customers.

Search and find your
customers and associated apps

Quickly search for your customers, edit their details, track referrals and link directly to connected apps. No more hunting across multiple tabs and making dozens of slacks, emails and calls to find the info you need.

See customer engagement details

Get the customer details you need in one convenient view

With so many apps, it's hard to track all the ways you engage with your customers. That's why we built Engagement Waves™. Engagement Waves™ show you how your emails, calls, meetings, notes, tickets and tasks relate to deals opened and closed over time.

KPIs, performance and insights at a glance on your home page

Quickly inspect your target market

Every revenue engine needs an obtainable market. Stop making guesses and wasting resources. With everything now in one spot and continuously updated, Aureum can evaluate your closed deals to help you confirm your ideal customer profile (ICP), assign the right resources and help you win more.

See historical performance across common KPIs

See your historical
performance for critical KPIs

Stop manually pulling data into spreadsheets from all your important apps. We've done the hard work to securely connect, meaningfully organize, and quickly calculate import KPIs like CAC, Churn Rates, CLV, Net MRR, ARPA and ARR.


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